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Instructions and Help about NC DMV DL-4A 2022 Form

Welcome to the 2022 North Carolina dmv written practice test this test has 60 questions with explained answers that will help you prepare for the test before we get started we want to tell you about our MB cheat sheet that is packed with tips to help you pass the exam on your first try you can get it by clicking the first link in the description now let's get started and good luck question one when preparing to make a right turn you should a come to a complete stop at the intersection b reduce your speed and signal as you start your turn c signal at least 100 feet ahead of the turn d move to the left edge of your lane the correct answer is c signal at least 100 feet ahead of the turn signaling this far in advance will allow other drivers to react to your decision to turn question 2 smoking inside a vehicle when a person younger than 18 years of age is present an illegal at all times b legal if it is your child c not restricted by law d permitted if the windows are open the correct answer is an illegal at all times secondhand smoke is dangerous especially for young children it is always illegal to smoke in a vehicle when a child younger than 18 is in the vehicle even your own child question 3 you may drive using only your parking lights an in no circumstances b 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise c on foggy days when visibility is low d in the rain the correct answer is an in no circumstances if you need to use lights while driving you must use your headlights question four another car creates a hazardous situation by suddenly cutting in front of you which of these actions should you take first a take your foot off the gas b sound your horn and step on the brake firmly c swerve into the lane next to you d drive onto the shoulder the correct answer is a take your foot off the gas taking your foot off the gas will allow your car to slow gradually while you maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel do not take any other action until your vehicle has slowed question five u-turns are legal in residential areas an on a one-way street at a green arrow light b across two sets of double yellow lines c where there is no bus stop d when there are no vehicles approaching nearby the correct answer is d when there are no vehicles approaching nearby because there may be pedestrians and children present in residential areas be especially cautious when making your u-turn question six when backing out of a parking space drive slowly and a use your rearview mirror to guide you b keep your foot on the brake c use your side view mirrors to guide ...

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